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Border Patrol ends routine transportation checks on the northern border

The Border Patrol has been doing routine transportation checks for the past 60 years. Agents would patrol bus and train stations and airports near the border, questioning people who appeared to be suspicious. The program was highly effective, catching thousands … Continue reading

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Congressional panels fight to give the Border Patrol access to the border

Once again the United States is hamstrung by its own restrictive laws and immobilized by activists who use the courts as a weapon against their fellow citizens. In this case, the Border Patrol is not allowed to travel in certain … Continue reading

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Democratic Governor ignores federal program, allowing illegal alien to kill motorcyclist

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Here is yet another tale of death and destruction perpetrated by an illegal alien, this time aided by yet another grandstanding politician hoping to win votes. Nicolas Guaman, an illegal from Ecuador, decided to go out driving while intoxicated in … Continue reading

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Letter from Arizona substitute teacher about Mexican misbehavior in class

Substitute teacher Tony Hill wrote a letter to Arizona Senator Russell Pearce to let him know what had happened in a Glendale 8th grade class. The letter was read on the floor of the Senate, which sparked a Freedom of Information … Continue reading

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Arizona Sheriff: Homeland Security Secretary Is “Divorced From Reality”

This story from showcases Sheriff Paul Babeu, one of the shining lights of the immigration issue here in Arizona. We need hundreds more Sheriffs just like him in this country. Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano, delivering her first State of … Continue reading

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The Truth of Mexico’s Civil War with Drug Cartels

A word of warning – the blog linked in this post is definitely Not Safe For Work (NSFW) due to graphic displays of dead bodies and execution videos. If we are not careful, the violence shown and described on the … Continue reading

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Arizona Will Keep Fighting

Arizona State Senator Russell Pearce is one of the authors of Senate Bill 1070. The basic message here is “Rejoice! We won!” Article is from Human Events. by  State Sen. Russell Pearce 08/10/2010 The Obama Administration and their allies in … Continue reading

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