Congressional panels fight to give the Border Patrol access to the border

Once again the United States is hamstrung by its own restrictive laws and immobilized by activists who use the courts as a weapon against their fellow citizens. In this case, the Border Patrol is not allowed to travel in certain areas on US soil due to environmental regulations. And of course, guess where the illegals go.

Zack Taylor, a retired Border Patrol agent who lives about nine miles from the Arizona-Mexico border, said smugglers soon learn the areas that agents are least likely to frequent.

“The (smuggling) route stays on public lands from the border to Maricopa County,” Taylor said, referring to the state’s most populous county. “The smugglers have free rein. It has become a lawless area.”

The human and drug smugglers are allowed safe passage, monitored by illegals on watch for law enforcement.

Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., sponsored an amendment that requires the Agriculture and Interior departments to give Border Patrol personnel immediate access to federal lands on the southern border for security activities, including for routine motorized patrols. The amendment passed a Senate committee with the support of five Democrats and eight Republicans.
McCain told colleagues that up to 100 people sit on mountaintops near the border serving as lookouts for smugglers, suggesting that improved law enforcement access on those mountains would deter the lookouts.

The sad footnote to this story is that the environmental damage is being done by the illegals themselves, who leave tons of trash in our deserts on their way north, and are not hampered by the environmental laws that are facilitating their travel. Let’s hope that common sense prevails and we can fix this problem.

Read the whole sad story here.


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