Arizona Beheading Tied to Mexican Drug Cartel

I’ve heard some lefties trying to rationalize this murder as being due to drunken idiocy rather than drug cartel action. So much for that argument.

A man who stole drugs from a Mexican cartel was bludgeoned, stabbed and then decapitated in a suburban Phoenix apartment — a gruesome killing that police say was meant to send a message that anyone who betrays the traffickers will get the same treatment.

The horrific display of drug violence spilling over the border is believed to be the only beheading by a Mexican cartel in the United States.

The body of Martin Alejandro Cota-Monroy, 38, was found lying in a pool of blood Oct. 10 in a Chandler apartment, his severed head a couple of feet away.

Chandler police have said from the beginning that they strongly suspected it was the work of a Mexican drug cartel, but it wasn’t clear exactly why until a police report was released Wednesday.

The report, citing Border Patrol intelligence, said that Cota-Monroy stole 400 pounds of marijuana and some meth from the PEI-Estatales/El Chapo drug trafficking organization. Cota-Monroy told the cartel that the Border Patrol had seized the drugs, but the cartel learned the truth and hired men to kidnap and kill him in Nogales, Mexico.

But Cota-Monroy was able to talk his way out of being killed, saying he’d pay back the money and use his house for collateral, the report says.

It turned out that the house wasn’t Cota-Monroy’s, and he fled to the Phoenix area, leading the cartel to hire assassins to go to Arizona, befriend Cota-Monroy and kill him.

Police believe there was a reason that it was carried out in such a violent manner.

“This is a message being sent: Not only are they going to kill you but they’re going to dismember your body. And, `if you cross us, this is what happens,'” Chandler police Detective David Ramer said Wednesday.


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