The dangers of importing misogyny

It’s time to start updating this blog again. The issue is too important to ignore and abandon.

This post includes source material and original commentary from It is about the horrendous crimes against women and children that are committed by illegal aliens, who bring their barbaric attitudes toward women and children into our country and maintain them under the flag of “multiculturalism.” Prepare to be sickened as you read about these crimes committed by illegal aliens:

  • 29 year old MS-13 gang member from El Salvador rapes an 8 year old girl. The man was in the city jail days earlier, but the police let him go because they didn’t know he was an illegal.
  • 24 year old Mexican illegal kidnaps a 12 year old girl and takes her to Mexico.
  • El Salvadoran illegal brutally attacks a 15 year old girl who didn’t respond after he whistled at her.
  • Honduran illegal is convicted in New Jersey on 26 counts of kidnapping, rape, and robbery.
  • 23 year old Honduran illegal kills his neighbor by stabbing her to death.
  • Illegal alien beats and rapes two nuns, strangles one to death with her rosary beads.
  • 24 year old Brazilian illegal lures a 13 year old sixth grader to meet with him, then rapes her, strangles her, and dumps her body in a stream
  • 25 year old Salvadoran illegal kidnaps, rapes, and kills two women. He is on probation for robbery at the time.
  • Three illegals kidnap and rape a 42 year old woman in New York. They are known to the police for previous crimes but are not deported, because they livein a sanctuary city.
  • 36 year old illegal tries to buy a 9 year old girl from her mother. When Mom won’t sell, he waits a few weeks and then tries to abduct the girl.
  • 37 year old Mexican illegal impregnates a 10 year old girl. Police are called not by the parents, but by the hospital where the girl gives birth. The girl’s mother pleads guilty to Felony Injury to a Child for not getting prenatal care for her daughter.
  • 43 year old Mexican illegal arrested for fondling an 8 year old and her 5 year old sister. He tells the police that the 5 year old is “too young for sex.”
  • 39 year old Mexican illegal, deported twice after drug offenses, turns out to be the Chandler Rapist, responsible for six attacks on young girls, four of which were rapes. The investigation is hampered by a local Spanish language radio station that refuses to broadcast the suspect’s description to its listeners.

The author notes that due to the recession, many illegals have left Arizona, and the state has seen a corresponding reduction in crime. Coincidence? You decide.

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