The Truth of Mexico’s Civil War with Drug Cartels

A word of warning – the blog linked in this post is definitely Not Safe For Work (NSFW) due to graphic displays of dead bodies and execution videos. If we are not careful, the violence shown and described on the blog will end up on our side of the border. This information comes from Candor7 on the Free Republic website.

Relatively few people in the United States know of the horrible tragedies that are now being visited upon the people of Mexico by a war between drug cartels, and the government of Mexico.The US media does not report the full story, and the Government of Mexico has a press black out on much of what is happening in Mexico concerning the war between the Mexican Government, and the drug cartels who war among themselves.

To complicate matters the drug gangs often wear federal uniforms while performing assaults on their victims.

One anonymous web site operates a blog which receives posts, photographs, and videos of some of the horrors being comitted.

The person operating the site has literally blown the lid off of the press black out in Mexico, and the press non coverage in America.He is a computer security expert who exercises all of his skill to stay anonymous.It is an heroic effort. He works at the risk of his own life to get the news out to the world.

Americans should no longer remain ignorant of what is happening in Mexico, which in some areas is in the throes of a civil war.It is not much wonder that Texas Governor Rick Perry and Arizona Gvernor Jan Brewer have asked for federal support to secure the Southern border. The violence you see on this site spills over into the United States. The US federal government follows the policy that it is”business as usual”, when in fact it is far from it.


The US public would become further resistant to all questions of illegal alien amnesty, once this knowledge is disseminated about what is being imported into our nation along with those who come to the US illegally from Mexico. They bring with them the cycle of violence , revenge and death, as well as gang members who fight each other incessantly.

So I draw the attention of Free Republic Members to this site, and caution that it is not for the weak of heart or those with weak stomachs.The site graphicaly portrays raw, unedited photos and videos of gun battle results, torture and execution.The site serves as a record of what is actually happening in Mexico.

If one wishes, the url page references can be entered into whatever web based translator one wishes, to have each page’s text rendered into English.

May this site be of benefit to those who wish to do research into the terrible things that happen South of our border, and may the US public learn the truth.

In this way this knowledge may aid us so we may eventually secure our Southern border, and then perhaps we as a nation can be of assistance to bring this tragedy in Mexico to an end.Such violence must not be allowed to be imported into the United States.

The blog is entitled El Blog del Narco. Don’t forget about the graphic photos and videos.

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