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The Truth of Mexico’s Civil War with Drug Cartels

A word of warning – the blog linked in this post is definitely Not Safe For Work (NSFW) due to graphic displays of dead bodies and execution videos. If we are not careful, the violence shown and described on the … Continue reading

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Arizona Will Keep Fighting

Arizona State Senator Russell Pearce is one of the authors of Senate Bill 1070. The basic message here is “Rejoice! We won!” Article is from Human Events. by¬† State Sen. Russell Pearce 08/10/2010 The Obama Administration and their allies in … Continue reading

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How illegal aliens respect the American flag

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On July 31, 2010, the illegal aliens and their supporters held a rally in Phoenix in opposition to Arizona State Senate Bill 1070. This became law on July 29, 2010 after Judget Bolton prohibited parts of it from going into … Continue reading

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Justice Brennan’s Footnote Gave Us Anchor Babies

I heard something about this on the radio a couple of days ago. This is a good explanation of the background behind the “anchor baby” phenomenon, and I think it will clarify some of the questions on this topic. The … Continue reading

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