Despite Mexico’s meddling, illegal alien tried and convicted of killing Nebraska toddler

This is why we need to secure the border against unauthorized entry. This is why we need to make it as difficult as possible for illegal aliens to work and live in our country. Next time you hear the lies from the open border crowd about all the peaceful illegals who only want to work, come and find this story and throw in in their faces. Hard.

July 3, 2:36 AMImmigration Reform ExaminerDave Gibson

On Wednesday, after six days of testimony, a Dakota County jury found De Jesus Melisio-Camacho, 30, guilty of murdering 3-year-old Evelyn Verdugo Paniagua in her family’s South Sioux City home.

The jury recommended the illegal alien be executed for his crime. A three judge panel will decide whether or not the state will accept the recommendation.

Through their consulate office in Omaha, the Mexican government filed a petition to delay the trial indefinitely. However, Judge William Binkard rejected the request and the trial began on Monday.

The toddler’s parents were present throughout the week’s proceedings, but left the courtroom in tears, several times, when the details of their daughter’s brutal murder were discussed.

On May 23, 2009, police received a call from Mercy Medical Center that a 3-year-old girl had just been pronounced dead. Her parents brought her to the emergency room after finding her lifeless body, obviously the tiny victim of a vicious, deadly attack.

According to South Sioux City police, Melisio-Camacho and the girl’s parents were friends in Mexico. He entered the girl’s home through a malfunctioning window on the family’s mobile home, while her parents slept. The little girl was sodomized, raped, and murdered in her room.

The toddler had a brother and an infant sister. The girl’s body was discovered by her mother, when she awoke to care for her newborn daughter.

Police arrested Melisio-Camacho very quickly after the crime was reported, because a South Sioux City police officer stopped him on the street earlier, to ask why the Mexican national had blood on his shirt.

Melisio-Camacho told the officer that he had been in a fight with some friends earlier in the night. While the officer did not yet know of the little girl’s murder, he did take Melisio-Camacho’s information, before releasing him.

Once the bulletin was put on the radio, it was only 80 minutes until police took Melisio-Camacho into custody.

Asked by reporters about the suspect’s motivation behind the ghastly crime, South Sioux City Police Chief Scot Ford said: “What kind of motive can you have for that kind of crime other than mental depravity, predatory activity?”

Chief Ford also acknowledged the fact that there had not been such a crime against a child in his town in 50 years.

*Reporter’s note: Unfortunately, the aforementioned shocking crime is becoming all too familiar in this country. Despite the lies spilling from the mouths of our spineless elected officials, until we deport all illegal aliens, and actually defend our borders…This nation will continue to serve as a hunting ground for foreign sexual predators, with our children as their quarry.

How many more children must be raped and murdered before we no longer tolerate the presence of criminal aliens in this country?

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