Putting Faces on Crimes by Illegal Aliens

Here’s a good blog post with lots of references to crimes committed by illegals. It also links quite a few victim profiles from ImmigrationHumanCosts.org. The amount of death, injury, and anguish caused by illegals is heartbreaking. This is an excerpt – read the full post at www.norcalblogs.com…if you can bear to look at the faces of those who have died at the hands of illegals.

While the MSM continues to carry the water for the pro illegal alien crowd, by touting the benefits America receives from illegal aliens, innocent Americans like 17-year-old Allison Kunhardt and 16-year-old Tessa Tranchant, continue to pay the cost for those lies with their lives. La Raza claims that illegal aliens do not put a strain on our legal system, because illegals are actually less violent then American citizens are.  They also continue the drum beat that illegals are only doing the jobs Americans refuse to do. Truth be told, the cost far out weighs the benefit of allowing illegal aliens a free reign in our country, and it’s time Americans stand up together and demand that the border is closed.

I have written extensively about the invasion of our Southern border by illegal aliens and drug smugglers like the ones who reportedly were behind the murder of “Arizona Rancher Robert Krentz“.  I also wrote about the “Rape Trees” that human traffickers and drug use as monuments for their sexual conquests after raping women and young girls along the illegal alien highway.  I shared with you the pictures and videos of the “Environmental Disaster in the Sonoran Desert“, and the “Drop Houses” that are actual torture chambers.  Then I offered the video reports of the “Mexican Pirates” on Falcon Lake, and the “Death Threats by Mexican Cartels” on American Police Officers in Nogales AZ.

Today I present some of the faces of the crimes committed by illegal aliens.  The faces that those on the left like the Democrats, the open border Republicans, the MSM, and yes even those businesses and farmers who are profiting from the labor by illegals, do not want you to see. I offer you these facts of various crimes and the victims who paid with their life for a lax border policy. I guarantee you will come away with a new understanding of the cost vs the benefits that illegal aliens bring to our country. This is but a partial list of the hundreds of thousands whose lives have been destroyed by the desire of the left to allow illegal immigration to continue. Obama and the Democrats want to give amnesty to the illegals because they want their vote.  I want them to explain to the American people, “What happened to the rights of the hundreds of thousands of innocent victims?” I only ask because they are supposed to be the compassionate ones who care for the innocent.

The short bios below offer you the evidence that this is more then just a border state problem.  This is a problem that reaches right into the heartland of America, a problem that will some day affect each and every citizen in a negative way if it is not properly fixed soon.  I would advise that you send these bios to every person on your email list and ask them to forward them to theirs.  We need Americans to wake up and understand that the enemy at the “Gate”, is now in their neighborhood and they are not safe just because they don’t live in a border state.

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