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It’s working! Departure of Arizona illegals affecting businesses

Interesting that they’re not afraid to break federal law by staying in the country illegally, but the new state law has them on the run. As usual, the Phoenix newspaper tries to paint this as a tragedy, ignoring the fact … Continue reading

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Insufficient troops to be deployed to Arizona border

In a nutshell, the latest Obama administration effort to secure the border is very disappointing: 524 National Guard troops to the Arizona border Not permanent (to stay for 120 days to 1 year) May not arrive until October (fiscal year … Continue reading

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Supreme Court: The Second Amendment right is fully applicable to the States

It’s a great day to be a supporter of the Right to Keep and Bear Arms in the US. It’s troubling that four Supreme Court justices opposed the correct decision, however. From Big Journalism, author AWR Hawkins In 2008, as … Continue reading

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Legal Architect Behind Arizona Law Becomes Sought-After Immigration Guru

This article from Fox News describes the man who might be the most important person in the country when it comes to illegal alien laws. I admire his work, and I hope he has a full time bodyguard. By Cristina … Continue reading

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Arizona Park a ‘No-Go’ Zone for American Citizens

The US government seems to have lost control of some US soil. Other stories have talked about how the US has “ceded control” of this land to Mexico. I think that’s not far wrong. From Pajamas Media. The Sonoran Desert … Continue reading

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Man charged in NY triple slaying

Murderous illegal aliens…from Jamaica. Next time someone accuses you of racism because you hate illegals and all illegals are Mexicans, show them this story. From, Albany, New York. By BEN DOBBIN, Associated Press Last updated: 4:17 p.m., Friday, June … Continue reading

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Why boycotts about Arizona immigration law are stalling

This is delightful. Politicians are trying to hurt Arizona’s economy and discovering that it’s difficult and expensive to try to screw someone over, especially during a recession. From the Christian Science Monitor (through Yahoo). By Daniel B. Wood – Thu Jun 24, 6:08 pm ET … Continue reading

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